28 November, 2009

Gone In Time

Not dead, just sleeping maybe. As a placeholder, here's some of what I've been listening to, courtesy of 8tracks, which I like:

8tracks has this thing going where you're not meant to spill on what all the artists/tracks on a mix are in advance, and that's cool. You don't need a blow-by-blow anyway and you're just google away from details. These were all things that just really gripped me in the past month for whatever reason - there's a bit of folk, country/americana, acoustic, hip-hop, noisiness, etc. Pretty inconsistent in general. But you should check out the following if you think they might be good:

The Blue Angel Lounge - Superb, Velvet Underground-inspired psychedelia with wonderful, hazy tunes. Deserve any attention they get! Very excited to hear this band.

Elephant Micah - Joe O'Connell is great and makes great low-tempo-y gaze-y americana-y music with vocals and instruments and arrangement. "Has toured with The Decemberists, Jason Molina" sounds about right. Several records available to download from his website.

GimmeSound (A City Safe From Sea page) - niceeee music site that promises to give bands money, use gentle adverts, give fans free streaming and downloads, siphon off a slice for charities of bands' choice. Sounds wonderful in theory anyway. Seems to be colonised by those post-hardcore/indie/instrumental/screamo bands (with silly names) that I don't always want to like but usually do. Never mind, worth a browse. I've chosen A City Safe From Sea's page because I happen to like them.

Zoltar's Revenge - A favourite music "sampling" blog of mine. Loads of psychedelic music, plus bits of avant, hip-hop, dub, doom etc. in a global selection.

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