16 January, 2009

Radio happenings (happened)

Anyone fortunate enough to have been listening to Alex Hale's excellent show on URN late on Wednesday night (it had a global audience that evening at least) will have heard a live set from The Wandering Goose. The Wandering Goose are a Canadian trio that Alex encountered outside his house the night before. They make sweet folk-y music. He got chatting to them and radio history was made.

They did not disappoint, being clearly impressively game. It was really lovely and helped a whole lot of people through some revision, I dare say.

Alex has uploaded (with permission, obviously) the tracks to last.fm. They are both streamable and set as a free download so you should go NOW and listen to your heart's content.

Alex's radio show, Do Not Disconnect, is jolly good fun even when I'm being slandered, and airs Wednesdays during term-time on URN, from 11pm-1am (GMT). You can listen live from the URN website.

(I also heartily recommend Transmission, which packs a tremendous variety of sound and goes out 9-11pm on a Monday night.)

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